Counter-Productive Lover

As a house ensemble of Chemically Imbalanced Comedy since 2007, Counter-Productive Lover has performed weekly at its home theatre as well as various venues around Chicago, New York, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and more. In the troupe’s four-year history, the Lovers have enjoyed packed houses and loyal fans who find themselves consistently elated by this team's relentlessly hard-hitting comedy. The team boasts current performers as well as training center graduates from The Second City, iO Chicago, Upright Citizen's Brigade, The Annoyance, and of course, Chemically Imbalanced Comedy. Improv Festivals: - [b]Chicago Improv Festival[/b] in Illinois. - [b]Del Close Marathon[/b] in NYC. - [b]Milwaukee Improv Festival[/b] in Wisconsin. - [b]Kansas City Improv Festival[/b] in Missouri. - [b]i3 Improv Festival[/b] in Raleigh, NC. - [b]Big-Little Comedy Festival[/b] in Grand Rapids, MI. - [b]Snubfest[/b] in Chicago, IL.